Proposition HH Calculation Tool

Maintained by Legislative Council Staff

This tool is intended to provide an estimate of the impact that Proposition HH would have on a residential taxpayer in your area. It is a companion to the Blue Book Voter Information Guide ballot analysis for Proposition HH, which is available here:

The tool calculates an estimated impact of Proposition HH, based on average 2022 mill levies and forecasted state revenue, inflation, and population growth. Property tax impacts reflect an owner-occupied primary residence. Property tax impacts and TABOR refund changes will extend beyond 2024, with additional property tax benefits for some seniors and a smaller reduction for non-primary residences beginning in 2025. Impacts in later years have not been estimated at this time.

Please complete the fields below to see estimated TABOR refund and property tax impacts for an average taxpayer in your area.



Individual impacts will vary, as explained in the footnotes below. Additional property tax savings may occur from the local government property tax limit in Proposition HH.

The actual impact of TABOR refund changes on an individual taxpayer will depend on actual state revenue collections, inflation rates, population growth, and an individual’s actual future income.

The actual property tax impact on an individual taxpayer will depend on actual mill levies and property values, the type of property, existing local TABOR and revenue limitations, and local policy decisions. The property tax estimates in this calculator will differ from an individual household’s taxes for several reasons.

  • Actual property tax savings may be higher than estimated for homeowners in some areas. This calculator only estimates the impact of reduced assessed property values, and does not reflect additional savings that may result from local governments abiding by the new local property tax limit created by Proposition HH. Information at the local level is not available to estimate the potential savings from this new limit. The property tax savings estimated by this calculator reflect the savings if local governments take action to waive the new limit.
  • This calculator uses 2022 mill levies to determine property taxes owed because 2023 mill levies have not yet been set by local governments. Once 2023 mill levies are set, the actual amounts owed under current law and under Proposition HH may both be lower than estimated here. This difference does not affect the estimated property tax savings that result from Proposition HH.

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